Monique Citro

Monique Citro

Operating Room Communication Specialist and OR Sustainability Coordinator, The University of Vermont Medical Center

Monique “Mo” Citro is an Operating Room Communications Specialist and a sustainability leader at the University of Vermont Medical Center, where she has worked for nearly 20 years. The Vermont native became a blue wrap champion in 2010 when a coworker asked her for a recycling bin. She realized the OR produced (literally!) tons of unrecyclable waste. Mo led grassroots efforts to collect and recycle blue wrap, culminating in the creation of a blue wrap waste stream in 2016. She is proud that UVMMC is now the first hospital in the nation to purchase patient care items like wash basins and fracture bed pans made from the hospital’s own recycled blue wrap.

Her goal is to help other healthcare facilities create robust blue wrap recycling programs.

I9 – Circular Solutions for Medical Plastics: International Problems and Local Fixes

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In January 2018, China banned all imports of recyclable waste from the United States. Now 70 percent of our plastic waste has nowhere to go and waste management companies are desperately searching for solutions. The United States lacks the infrastructure to process/recycle all of the waste it creates, and landfills are approaching capacity at alarming […]

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