Paul Fredrickson, BSBM

Paul Fredrickson, BSBM

Maintenance/Life Safety, Westfield’s Hospital & Clinic

Paul is a member of the maintenance staff with a focus on life safety issues and verification. He is also a member of the EOC (Environment of Care) team as well as Westfield’s Green Team. Prior to joining Westfields, he worked for over 30 years in the manufacturing sector as a telecommunications and records management specialist. Paul graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Management at Northwestern University St. Paul. He also holds associate degrees in Accounting and Supervisory Management. He currently serves as financial secretary at his local church and is a past president of the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society.

B7 – Critical Access Hospital Success Story: Leading through Community Partnerships

Music Row 6

Westfields Hospital & Clinic is a sustainability leader in the community. From the on-site farmer’s market and community garden, to the rotating healing arts displays and collaborations with many different like-minded local organizations this critical access hospital has far extended its impact beyond the walls of the campus. With leadership support and encouragement, the Green […]

Green building