Pete Mulvaney

Pete Mulvaney

Department Manager for Water Resources and Urban Planning, Jacobs Engineering

Pete Mulvaney is the Department Manager for Water Resources and Urban Planning at Jacobs Engineering, one of the world’s largest engineering firms. Projects in his Department range from Miami’s sewer infiltration to constructing a sewer overflow tunnel in Fort Wayne, Indiana to streetscapes in Chicago.

In his career as utility manager, he led strategic planning and innovation. As a management and urban design consultant, he led smart cities initiatives and developed resilience and climate changes plans for municipalities and private corporations. In each role, success was predicated on understanding and improving the current practice, executed with workshops, clear communications, analysis, and collaboration.

Pete initiated the global water initiative within SOM, a global architecture, engineering and urban planning firm, the Climate Action Plan for the City of Chicago where he served as assistant commissioner of the Department of Water Management, and the Water Risk strategies at West Monroe Partners.

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