Petra Linden

Petra Linden

Director of International Health & Human Trafficking, Dignity Health

Petra Linden has been involved with human trafficking work for many years in both India and in California. In California she is partnering with hospital community health departments to establish linkages with local service providers. The work is also extending outward as she responds to requests to provide guidance to healthcare entities across the country on how agencies can implement their own victim response program. In India she is leading Dignity Health’s work to build the capacity of Indian healthcare providers to address human trafficking. In addition Petra is coordinating efforts to address forced labor among healthcare material suppliers. She is also the parent adviser for the Kids’ Freedom Club—a group of children and youth working to raise awareness, funding, and advocacy to address this issue. Her hope is that by working together we can protect vulnerable communities from exploitation and prevent slavery in the world.

A8 – Eliminating Forced Labor from Hospital Supply Chains

Cumberland 6

Forced labor is a global problem and affects many supply chains around the world, including products purchased by health care organizations. Most companies want to avoid purchasing products produced by forced labor, but they often don’t know how. In this workshop we will provide an overview of the issue and what risks we face as […]

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