Robyn Rothman, JD

Robyn Rothman, JD

Climate and Health Policy Manager, Health Care Without Harm

Robyn Rothman is the Climate and Health Policy Manager at Health Care Without Harm, where she focuses on state policy advocacy. She manages the California Health Care Climate Alliance, working with leading health systems to advocate for climate-smart policies in the state. She also leads hospital and health system policy engagement in other designated states, with a large focus on Washington in 2019.  Robyn has a law degree and extensive policy and health experience. She thrives on using communication and collaboration to create impactful change.

H7 – Policy Advocacy to Advance Sustainability Goals

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As the only sector with a healing mission, hospitals and health systems bring a unique moral credibility to the public conversation about climate change and clean energy. Engaging in policy advocacy to support climate solutions can help them achieve their sustainability goals, as well as protect patient and public health. In addition to reducing emissions […]