Stéphane Larocque

Stéphane Larocque

Chief Operating Officer at Impact Infrastructure

Mr. Larocque is an internationally recognized professional in the field of triple-bottom line economic analysis, which reflects the environmental, social and financial impacts of all manner of infrastructure investment. Over his 20-year career, he has established himself as a thought leader in this space, co-developing the Sustainable Return on Investment (SROI) framework and leading that practice at an international architecture and engineering company. Along with his co-founders he has help propel Autocase into being the undisputed leader in the economic analysis software space.

B6 – Healthy, Resilient Buildings and Infrastructure: Using Economic Analysis for Success

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As progressive health care facilities are designed and built with greater rigor, resiliency, and levels of sustainability, decision makers must consider all the ways in which those facilities can be completed while meeting an environment of greater scrutiny. This daunting task is made even more complex when green building and regulatory standards are integrated into […]

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