Thom Kinney

Thom Kinney

Director of Human Resources, St. John's Medical Center

Thom Kinney is the Director of Human Resources for St. John’s Medical Center in Jackson Wyoming. For much of his HR career, he focused on leadership development, organization effectiveness, change management, and coaching, with a significant emphasis on social/emotional intelligence. He has previously been a speaker on creativity and innovation, process improvement, and personal productivity. Thom worked closely with public transportation in Jackson to improve access to commuting options for employees, and has himself been a dedicated bus commuter for the past three years. He also teaches Strategic HR Management for Central Wyoming College, and serves on the committee of the Teton Valley Community School, an independent school practicing place based education and project based learning.

I5 – Leadership in Transportation: Commuter Challenge Collaboration at a Rural Medical Center

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Transportation is the #1 source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and dangerous air pollution in the U.S. How employees get to and from work comprises 60 percent of the national transportation footprint, and on average, about 76 percent of employees drive alone in their cars. Nearly 123 million Americans live in communities with pollution levels […]

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