A4 – Generating ‘Likes’ in the Wake of Climate Change and Social Media

Music Row 6

If Taylor Swift can move over a million people to register to vote in Tennessee with a single tweet, how do we do the same in creating actions to mitigate climate change? In the age of creating “followers” and having “likes,” social media is a platform where sustainability discussion have a soft voice for change. We need vocal, creative, and engaging players (leaders, advocates, clinicians, etc.) to be a bridge to address climate change. This session is intended to show how to be an influencer in the social media circles and why your voice is needed. In a virtual space that’s so competitive, it’s no longer a game of going viral, it’s a game of building a base of followers and empowering others. Health care has the most trusted voices, now it’s time to use that voice like no other and bolster it to empower every generation. This takes careful planning, a little risk, and personality to be a beacon. Come be that voice. With demos of using these platforms, the three speakers will interact with participants to determine the angles of social media that helps them be an influencer. This is a skill set that isn’t taught in classrooms and with the right approach, it can help create awareness and change to battle climate change.