A5 – Tackling Safer Chemicals and Materials in Health Care: Lessons from the Field

Cumberland 3/4

Purchasing products and adopting practices that rely on safer chemicals and materials in your health care facility is a critical component of any sustainability agenda because it can help reduce patient and employee exposure to hazardous substances, improve indoor air quality, and support community health. Health care organizations are engaged in a wide range of initiatives in support of these goals, including reducing the use of PVC and DEHP-containing medical devices, increasing the use of green cleaners, eliminating harmful antimicrobials from hand soap and other hand hygiene products, implementing an integrated pest management program, and purchasing healthier furnishings. In this session, you’ll learn from leaders in two health care organizations – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Seattle Children’s Hospital – which have worked to implement Safer Chemicals goals, as they discuss best practices, steps for overcoming challenges, internal messaging, strategies for achieving the goals, and key partnerships.

Safer materials/chemicals Sustainable procurement