A8 – Eliminating Forced Labor from Hospital Supply Chains

Cumberland 6

Forced labor is a global problem and affects many supply chains around the world, including products purchased by health care organizations. Most companies want to avoid purchasing products produced by forced labor, but they often don’t know how. In this workshop we will provide an overview of the issue and what risks we face as health care organizations. We will also be identifying a few high risk products to consider for immediate action. In addition examples will be given of what has been effective and steps will be shared that you can take in your own company or organization to address this issue.

In a few industries different companies have come together to address the concerns in their product lines. Kilian Moote from KnowTheChain will discuss promising industry-wide models of collaboration in apparel and electronics.

Jeff Stoner and Elise Nagowski from Dignity Health will discuss the first steps that they have taken in their health care system. Petra Linden will facilitate a discussion on how various healthcare organizations can collaborate to address this issue.

Sustainable procurement