A9 – Making IT Purchases With People and the Planet in Mind

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Health care organizations around the world recognize the importance of developing and implementing sustainability practices and procurement processes that enable them to create healthier places that support the wellbeing of their patients. For many health care organizations, these sustainable procurement practices focus on purchasing safer cleaning products, office supplies, furnishings, medical equipment, and healthier food and beverage choices.

What may get overlooked in the discussion are all the IT devices – the laptops, tablets, and printers – that are used throughout a facility. Equally important are the supplies used by these products such as the ink and toner cartridges used in printers.

But there are steps healthcare organizations can take to ensure they purchase only sustainable IT equipment and supplies designed with sustainability in mind. Among those steps are ensuring:

  • IT equipment meets industry standards related to their level of environment impact, such as EPEAT which includes the EPA’s ENERGY STAR certification.
  • Vendors publicly disclose safety information regarding the materials that are in their IT products, including physical and chemical properties, regulatory information, and recommendations to ensure safe handling.
  • Printers and their supplies are designed and tested to meet strict emissions standards.
  • IT equipment and supplies can be safely recycled in a way that reduces waste, ensures reuse of the materials in that equipment, and lowers costs.

HP is committed to developing IT equipment and supplies that have a lower impact on the environment and the people that use them – and that can be easily recycled or reused at end of service. The company has also developed procurement guidelines that can help health care organizations through their sustainability journey. And HP is collaborating with organizations such as Greenhealth Exchange to help health care professionals make the best choice of IT equipment and supplies.

This presentation will help health care professionals better understand the criteria they can use to ensure they make the most sustainable procurement decisions – and the role that collaboration can play in helping healthcare organizations reach their sustainability goals.

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