B2 – Be the Spark: Empowering Health Professionals to Act on Climate Change

Cumberland 5

The presenter recently organized, implemented, and evaluated a quality improvement project that was a leadership activation workshop series for health professionals focused on climate change as a health issue.  The workshop series, entitled Be The Spark for Health Professionals, was modeled after and adapted from the original Be The Spark workshop curriculum that was created and used by the interfaith climate action organization Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light to increase activation of people and communities of faith around climate change.  That original curriculum was adapted for an audience of health professionals and delivered to an interprofessional audience in summer of 2017. This CleanMed presentation will be modeled after this workshop series and will incorporate content and activities from it.

The presentation will begin with a brief meditation centering on the interconnectedness of all beings on the planet.  After that, the presenter will give a brief 10-minute overview of climate change and its health impacts using verbal and interactive presentation with audiovisual materials, primarily PowerPoint slides and video.

The second part of the presentation will be a verbal, interactive, and audiovisual presentation that includes an overview of the workshop series, its purpose and aim, and its implementation.  Components of the workshop series itself, including activities originally housed in the workshops, will be delivered in this part of the presentation.

The final part of the presentation will involve participants working briefly individually to formulate their own action plans for addressing climate change in their professional and/or personal lives. Participants will be encouraged to utilize their professional expertise and spheres for this portion, considering what particular skills, strengths, and knowledge they bring. After a brief period of this individual planning, participants will form small groups of three people and share their action plans with the group, receiving and giving feedback and ideas to/from the others in their group.  Finally, the presenter will seek volunteers to report their action plans (and corresponding small-group feedback, if they wish) to the entire group. After this large-group sharing, the presenter will ask for volunteers to share a takeaway from the session with the entire group and close with a moment of gratitude.

Climate Clinical advocacy