C1 – How Health Care Can Accelerate Adoption of Electric Vehicles

Music Row 6

The transportation sector is now the largest and fastest growing source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. It represents the biggest single carbon reduction opportunity. The faster we can adopt electric vehicles (EV’s) of all types and charge them from clean energy sources, the faster we can experience healthier air and a dramatic drop in emissions. With projected increases in battery storage capacity and reductions in the total cost of ownership, things look especially promising for fleet operators.

Come to this session to be inspired and prepared to participate in the coming shift toward EV’s that is poised to take place in the coming decade. Learn about the innovations and trends occurring to electrify personal, shared, delivery, freight and mass transit vehicles.

This session will explore various opportunities for health care to support the electrification of transportation, including a primer on why and how to grow the banks of EV charging stations at your workplace. Other opportunities include the purchase of electric fleet vehicles at your organization for shuttle bus, local business travel and dedicated campus use; requesting EV progress reports from supply chain and delivery partners; and providing incentives to employees to travel via cleaner methods and/or replace their older personal cars with EV’s.

You will hear from industry experts on the future of mobility, infrastructure, innovation, vehicle range and pricing, e-bikes and scooters, and promotional opportunities for health care. You will also hear from health systems regarding their recent experience with adding significantly to their EV charging stations on campus, how they selected vendors and how they worked around the internal barriers to acceptance and installation.

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