C6 – Quantifying the Environmental Footprint of Medical Practice Through Life Cycle Assessment

Music Row 3

Life Cycle Assessment or Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) has been used by various industries since the 1960s to quantify the environmental emissions of a product or process. LCA can be used to identify environmental “hot spots” in a given system, in order to improve its environmental performance. Companies and researchers also use LCA to compare emissions of two or more systems, to scientifically back claims of being “greener.” As such, LCA is an important tool to ensure that your sustainability initiatives are targeting the correct problems and are actually reducing your environmental footprint.

This session is divided into two parts. The first part will use interactive lectures to share how LCA has been used in various industries and within the healthcare sector to identify hot spots and reduce greenwashing. We will also cover the International Organization for Standardization’s LCA guidelines and discuss how an LCA is set up. In the second part, participants will be guided through the use of LCA using a case study example. The session will conclude by offering more resources for participants to continue learning about LCA and to conduct LCAs of their own products and systems.

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