C8 – Food Prescriptions for Health

Cumberland 1/2

The health care sector is deepening its understanding of addressing the health needs of their patients and community through interventions outside of their hospital walls, and new strategies are emerging to address healthy food access and diet related health conditions. To compound the positive community impact, many of these programs are being designed to support local food producers and employ local community – a strategy HCWH has identified as a “triple win,”  addressing health, food systems and local economy simultaneously. In this session we will explore new and innovative models for medically tailored meal delivery and Veggie RX programs, looking at their designs, partnerships, funding mechanisms and impacts. This session will highlight emerging research and mechanisms for funding such interventions. Featured collaborations of hospitals and community based partners will include: Oregon Veggie RX programs (Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and Adelante Mujeres); and the Missouri Fresh Rx: Nourishing Health Starts Program (St. Louis University School of Medicine Health DePaul Hospital and Operation Food Search).

Food Sustainable procurement