F1 – Attaining Water Security in Health Care

Cumberland 5

Water resources are critical to the proper functioning of any hospital, yet they are increasingly being stressed by overuse, aging infrastructure, pollution, and climate change. The ability to maintain operations in the face of storm surges on the coasts as well as inland flooding is challenging hospital operators to build resilience and redundancy into their infrastructure that includes stormwater management, sewer and potable water systems. This session will describe how that can be accomplished efficiently so that hospitals can reliably serve their patients and communities while also contributing to solutions that benefit the area/region.

Greenleaf Advisors will discuss the various threats and possible solutions with expert knowledge gained from its board of advisors that include global leaders in climate change (Dr. Don Wuebbles) and water resources (Brian Richter – invited). Pete Mulvaney at Jacobs Engineering will discuss its experience in designing and developing sustainable water infrastructure to benefit hospital systems. Case studies will be presented on how the development of energy and water systems to withstand extreme weather events prevent potentially catastrophic loss of resources and life. And innovative water technologies and services that address stormwater management as well as water filtration/treatment will be shared for use within hospital systems and their communities to improve access to reliable and safe water resource services.