G2 – 2019 Waste Challenges: China, Markets, Waste to Energy, GHGs, and Free Measurement Tool

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Practice Greenhealth recently released its Greenhouse Gas Reduction Toolkit, covering Scope 1 and Scope 2 and limited Scope 3 emissions. While most hospitals tracking greenhouse gases start with Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, the session embarks on the measured impacts of materials and wastes – Scope 3 emissions. One of the tools referenced in Practice Greenhealth’s toolkit is a free, on-line, crowd-sourced tool that estimates the emissions from various waste stream management strategies.

While, waste treatment and disposal will never be an environmentally neutral endeavor, the free, transparent “waste calculator tool” estimates the greenhouse gas emissions from various treatment protocols, tailored to the specific facility. The calculator facilitates comparing various waste management strategies, allowing the facility to select the more environmentally preferable method for their materials. With full transparency, the tool provides clear citation for the data sources and algorithms used to generate its emissions estimates.

The panel will discuss real challenges in creating a comprehensive waste management program that is the “least” impactful compared to the alternative; how to use the existing tool, how having data might be a gamechanger, and brainstorm on an even more robust tool. Virginia Mason will provide the user perspective, as they grapple with their particular waste stream challenges.