I3 – Energy and Water Savings in the OR

Cumberland 5

With their stringent environmental, heating, ventilation, and air cooling (HVAC) requirements and 24/7 occupancy patterns, the OR represents a significant percentage of a health care facility’s energy budget. Reducing HVAC demands in ORs when they are unoccupied can save an average of more than $3,200 per OR per year, and yet many hospitals do not have a setback program in place.

Speakers will review air exchange rate operation and standards, reducing rates to minimum standards during unoccupied periods. The importance of a multidisciplinary team approach and understanding and addressing common concerns among key stakeholders will be reviewed.

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the HVAC system and how energy-saving programs in the OR can be implemented safely. Gather up your colleagues in Facilities, Infection Prevention and Surgical Services and join engineering, clinical and sustainability experts as they zero in on air exchange rates in the operating room during unoccupied modes.

The presentation will also address opportunities for saving water in these resource-heavy facilities.

Greening the OR