Rethinking supply chains in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has highlighted health care supply chain vulnerabilities. Hear how Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Intermountain Healthcare are preparing for future crises, including the acceleration of climate change.

Learn how:

  • health inequity and social justice issues can be addressed through supply chain management.
  • to adapt organizational structures and systems.
  • to apply supply chain mapping and integrate additional resilience strategies.

The health care sector is experiencing unprecedented challenges due to COVID-19. There have been supply shortages, coordination and tracking difficulties, product quality control issues, and major impacts on operations.

Session details

Hospital supply chain professionals will reflect on their current strategies as well as additional changes they plan to integrate into their procurement programs. Given the vulnerabilities exposed throughout the year, the health care sector needs to examine how to make their supply chains more resilient, which also addresses social determinants of health. Tools and strategies for increasing supply chain resilience will also be shared.

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