Curtis Lancaster

Curtis Lancaster

Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health supply chain vice president

Lancaster has over 30 years of business and supply chain operations experience and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and tactical execution of all aspects of supply chain management at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health, including all supply expense management, procurement, distribution, customer service, and supporting technology. At Dartmouth-Hitchcock, he focuses on demand planning, supplier resiliency, data enrichment, diversity and inclusion, nontraditional trading partner relationships, and sustainability. Lancaster also directs the overall supply chain strategy for New England Alliance for Health, a regional hospital collaborative.

Rethinking supply chains in response to COVID-19

COVID-19 has highlighted health care supply chain vulnerabilities. Hear how Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health and Intermountain Healthcare are preparing for future crises, including the acceleration of climate change. Learn how: health inequity and social justice issues can be addressed through supply chain management. to adapt organizational structures and systems. to apply supply chain mapping and integrate additional […]