Jodi Sherman, M.D.

Jodi Sherman, M.D.

Yale Center for Climate Change and Health director of the healthcare environmental sustainability program Yale School of Medicine associate professor of anesthesiology; Yale School of Public Health associate professor of epidemiology in environmental health sciences; Yale-New Haven Hospital director of sustainability in anesthesiology

Sherman’s research focuses on life cycle assessment of environmental emissions, human health impacts, and the economic impacts of drugs, devices, clinical care pathways, and health systems. She works to establish sustainability metrics, paired with health outcomes and costs, to help guide clinical decision-making, professional behaviors, and public policy toward more sustainable practices. Sherman routinely collaborates with environmental engineers, epidemiologists, toxicologists, health economists, health administrators, health professionals, and sustainability professionals.

Clinical sustainability: Environmental stewardship at the bedside

Presented with the Yale Center on Climate Change and Health, this session will explore clinical sustainability as an important strategy in advancing climate-smart health care. Learn how: clinicians embrace opportunities to conserve resources and promote sustainable practices. clinical care impacts health care resource utilization and waste production. life cycle assessment allows clinicians to make evidence-based, […]