Founded in 2001 and presented by the non-profit organizations Health Care Without Harm and Practice Greenhealth, CleanMed has gained a global reputation as the premier conference on environmental sustainability in the health care sector. There have been a total of 28 CleanMed conferences across the United States, Europe and virtually.

CleanMed 2023
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

CleanMed Europe 2023

CleanMed 2022
Kansas City, Missouri

CleanMed Europe 2021

CleanMed Connect 2021

CleanMed Europe 2020

CleanMed 2019
Nashville, Tennessee

CleanMed Europe 2018
Nijmegen, Netherlands

CleanMed 2018
San Diego, California

CleanMed 2017
Minneapolis, Minnesota

CleanMed Europe 2016
Copenhagen, Denmark

CleanMed 2016
Dallas, Texas

CleanMed 2015
Portland, Oregon

CleanMed 2014
Cleveland, Ohio

CleanMed 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

CleanMed Europe 2013
Oxford, UK

CleanMed 2012
Denver, Colorado

CleanMed Europe 2012
Malmö, Sweden

CleanMed 2011
Phoenix, Arizona

CleanMed 2010
Baltimore, Maryland

CleanMed 2009
Chicago, Illinois

CleanMed 2008
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

CleanMed Europe 2006
Stockholm, Sweden

CleanMed 2006
Seattle, Washington

CleanMed Europe 2004
Vienna, Austria

CleanMed 2004
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

CleanMed 2002
Chicago, Illinois

CleanMed 2001
Boston, Massachusetts